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ABS Flavoured Bitters- Orange


GREAT FOR: Simply put, we take a blend of the best herbs around, add orange peel, then extract the bitters flavors over time. The end result is a complex, robust flavor. Try a drop or 3 in an Old Fashioned or Dry Martini and you’ll see what we mean.

MANY USES: Try adding a few drops of Orange Bitters to your Margaritas and Classic Martinis. Ideal aromatic bitters for Old Fashioneds, Manhattans or plain ol’ 1oz shots for your general wellness and vigor.

HANDMADE IN AUSTRALIA: Each bottle of Australian Bitters is hand crafted from over 20 of the finest organic herbs and spices found in Australia to form our exceptional taste and small batch bitters. No glycerin is ever used in our products.

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ORANGE FLAVOR: Bitter and sweet orange peel yield orange blossom and fresh winter citrus on the nose with a vibrant spray of tangerine-kumquat acidity on the palate. Our Orange Bitters showcases mildly baked spices and a rich, full-bodied mouth feel.

TASTING NOTES: Our aromatic bitters have a complex bouquet of citrus with subtle hints of orange peel, saffron, cardamom and toasted caramel. Bitters add complexity to your cocktails with overtones of baking spices and a clean, lingering finish.

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