1877 Brandy

Color: Solera Brandy Reserva 1877 has an amber flecked with gold color.
Smell: The aroma is “esteroso” complex as it is for the good spirits.
Taste: Aromas of dried fruits and toasted oak. The palate is balanced and persistent. Tasty, sweet and slightly bitter finish.
WINEMAKING: Selected Spirits, distillates excellent white wines Airen and Palomino. Aged in American oak casks in the traditional Solera system until reaching the minimum age required for a Solera Reserva Brandy over three years. Breeding: Oxidative in American oak casks, typical dynamic system Jerezano Solera and ten Criaderas, average age 25 years demonstrable.Serving a velvety combination of vanilla, honey and rose petals – before broadening out to include a zesty orange flavour with notes of hazelnut, sherry and dark chocolate





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